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Jun 8,2022

What are the benefits and uses of metal injection molding?

If you need to manufacture a large volume of complex and small pieces or parts? Have you found that the usual method of machining or metalworking seems costly? Possibly, metal injection molding is the procedure you are interested in carrying out. Metal injection molding is a procedure that employs plastic injection molding equipment to produce metal pieces and parts. Some benefits of metal injection moldings are mentioned below, making you deeply interested in it.

Benefits of metal injection molding

Designing small and complex components rapidly.

Of the several benefits of metal injection molding, the ability to design complex and small components efficiently and rapidly is essential. Conventional metalworking systems restrict the range of structures for intricate and miniature metal components. Minute details often require development with extra machining or the rest of the methods. With metal injection molding, molds can be developed to encompass minute details like slots, threads and holes all at once. A second structure advantage of meta injection molding is the fact that the ultimate product seems more like the original structure, without the requirement for extra finishing or machining.

Combination of numerous parts into a single piece

A third benefit is combining numerous parts into a single piece with metal injection molding. Usually, conventional metalworking needs the production of separate parts that should be assembled to develop the ultimate commodity. Metal injection molding permits the molding of different elements into one solid part eliminating further assembly and machining and decreasing costs. Combining numerous parts also cuts down manufacturing time. Some components could be molded in a very short time period of ten seconds.

The huge volume of complicated components

A metal injection molding’s fourth benefit is the development of a huge volume of complicated components. Without the requirement for conventional metalworking techniques, metal injection molding helps produce ten thousand to two million or more components per year. Components with irregular shapes, contours, internal threads, different slots and holes are an excellent fit for metal injection molding.

Availability of a range of materials

The variety of substances to use in metal injection molding is another great benefit. Metals such as copper alloys, high-speed steels, tungsten, magnetic alloys and stainless steel are possible substances. Metal injection molding also uses special metals such as particle composites, valuable metals and titanium alloys.

The density and strength of finished items are also among the  essential benefits of metal injection molding. Another advantage of metal injection molding is the effectiveness of the procedure. Metal injection molding has minimum waste.

Applications of metal injection molding

People use metal injection molding in several areas of the industry. Industries that utilize complex, strong and small parts have grown the metal injection molding business by many dollars over the past few decades. For example, the medical and dental industry employs metal injection molding to manufacture implantable gadgets, surgical tools and orthodontics. The automobile and aerospace industry employs metal injection molding to manufacture lock parts, steering system parts, engine components, seatbelt parts and engine components.

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