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  • Blister Packaging Tray Blister Food Packaging Customized
  • Blister Packaging Tray Blister Food Packaging Customized

Blister Packaging Tray Blister Food Packaging Customized

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: Customized
Product Name: Blister Packaging Food Tray
Logo: Customized
Service: Customized OEM, Assemble (if any)
Size: According to Customer's requirements
Port: Yantian
MOQ: 1-1000


Customized Blister Packaging Tray.

Tray blister packaging is a type of food packaging which is used for packaging products such as chips, wafers, cookies, eggs, and other snacks. The tray blister packaging allows the product to be divided into small portions that can be easily consumed by customers.

The tray blister packaging is made up of a number of thin sheets that are laminated together. The sheets are then cut into shape and placed on a film backing. The films are then cut to size, and the packages are prepared for production.

When producing tray blister packaging, it is important to use the correct adhesive materials and temperatures. So for good quality and material, you must find a good food packaging of blister matterial so that the quality doesn't compromise.

Typical Features.


Blister size

As we known to be one of the best Blister packaging supplier, the sizes we make with length, eidth, height, thickness of material and the article of design. If not, please send 3D modeling to me.


Raw material


We use nothing but the best raw material of our blister packaging, we use 0.1mm-2mm, (every 0.025mm for a level, if you can not understand the thickness of the material, then you can send us your sample. According to the sample we will provide a reasonable quote you)


Blister shape

We make customized shapes also the shapes we usually make are Square, triangular, circular and other shapes as you requested


Raw material type

PVC, PET, APET, PP, PS, ABS, etc. (marked with color material and flocking sheet)


Raw material quality grade

We use nothing but all the Import materials, new materials, like renewable materials.



In case if there is no physical plastic products, generally require customers to provide 3D design drawings or physical products


Blister packaging types

Our Plastic packaging that we make is divided into three fold side card blister, inner tray, tray, folding plastic, thermoplastic, high frequency blisters and many more.



According to customer requirements, we usually use the carton packaging.

Blister Packaging Tray Is Good For Eggs.

The blister packaging is perfect for eggs because it allows the product to be divided into small portions that can be easily consumed by customers. The tray also has a traffic light color-coding which makes it easy for customers to know the different stages of production. Packing in blister packaging is reusable and recyclable because the package will be packed with a number of pieces onto a backing film made from cardboard which leads to minimization of waste that would normally go into landfills.

The blister packaging is also a good choice for products that do not require refrigeration, such as cheese, meat, and other perishable goods. This is because the product stays fresh and ready to eat even after it has been removed from the package. We also offer a Customized blister packaging feature. You can offer your product or service in many ways and make a company logo visible to the customers. We have our own way to do it by using our products. The advantage of this is that you do not put much money on advertising but still let people know of your existence, hence increasing sales.

Blister Packaging Food Tray

When it comes to food trays, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, the tray should be large enough to hold a lot of food. Second, the tray should be easy to clean and store. Third, the tray should be durable and able to withstand regular use. And finally, the tray should have an attractive design that will draw customers' attention. in addition, these trays are durable enough to withstand regular use and come in an assorted range of colors that will match any décor.